About Us

Match Pro Media is based in South Florida. We are a Multi Vertical lead generation company that utilizes a Multi-Channel approach. With 30+ years of combined experience, our team is capable of researching, planning, and implementing custom strategies to clients of all sizes and across all industries.

Our focus continues to be the client. We pride ourselves on customer service, communication, and unique marketing programs. We have found that every business is different and therefore we must take a different approach with each of our clients. We have a large online advertising network that continues to grow and this is in conjunction with our call center network.

Our goal is to consistently deliver the right leads at the right pricing. Clients count on us to meet their intentions, goals, and budget. We take various approaches. In some instances we leverage our own web properties and/or call centers and in other instances, we utilize those provided by our partners.

Clients learn to depend on us because of our ability to research the marketplace, drive new prospects, and assist with retaining customers. We also teach the importance of monetization and gaining full value of customers, past, present, and future.

At Match Pro Media, we specialize in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) direct marketing. We have access to over 100,000 daily registrations that are algorithmically optimized. We manage campaigns utilizing current technologies that have the highest likelihood of success for a business. Our goal is to work within the rulesets and budget of a business to exceed the cost per acquisition goals. We will design and implement an end to end marketing solution for any client that may include some or all of the channels that we offer.

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients, and continually do so. We are fortunate enough to have a dynamic team of professionals who understand our focus and our goals. They all possess a unique set of skills that when brought together with the rest of the team, prove to be just what is needed to take a client's marketing solutions to the next level.

Match Pro Media has become a premier lead generation company across the globe and we continue to push ourselves as technology evolves. We look forward to proving ourselves to you and showing you how we are able to benefit your company.

Match Pro Media Currently works within the following industries however our platform was designed to manage campaigns across verticals simultaneously with an agnostic approach. To that end if your industry is not on this list please contact us. Our software and experience continue to result in higher ROI's regardless of industry.